Carla Carreira, Macolis

“Although I joined RML recently, I have already felt a number of benefits and, above all, a great pride to belong to such a dynamic and interesting organized group of entrepreneurs. The exchange of experiences and useful information for business and management have been fantastic through group activities with visits, debates and workshops in the different companies visited, thus increasing our knowledge – it has been enriching and an opportunity to escape our daily routine and look “out of the box” to our own reality. Other perspectives and different realities help us broaden horizons and reach further for results.
The network has also provided direct-buying and cross-selling opportunities.
There is also the objective of providing and expanding joint projects and links at an international level, in order to promote business growth.”

Carolina Breda, Bresimar

“RML is an enriching network at all levels. Each meeting is a great learning experience, and each event in this Network is about mingling, making friends, sharing, and above all, a lot of business support issuing from debating themes that, in the end, are transversal to all companies.
It is an honor for me to be able to participate and be part of a group like this, with whom I learn so much, every day.”

Mara Almeida, Ename

“A very positive and, honestly, an indispensable experience.
These visits provide a sharing of experiences and ideas even in areas totally divergent from those we manage in our day-to-day life. I believe they are an essential investment for our personal growth as Board, as well as for the continued growth of our companies.
The time spent is a small effort, considering the inspiration resulting from the diversity of ideas and contact.”

Marta Araújo, Castelbel

“What I wanted and obtained with the participation in this network:
1. While entrepreneur, it was my goal to:
– broaden my network of contacts;
– learn by example;
– get new sources of inspiration;
– identify (and possibly try to replicate) good practices in use in other companies;
– identify common affinities / problems for top managers in companies of a similar size to mine, and discuss measures already tested / validated for solving these problems.

2. For my company, I wanted to:
– sell, on advantageous terms (similar to those offered to resellers), Castelbel products to network members, for use in their premises or corporate gifts (to customers / partners / suppliers / collaborators, etc.);
– to acquire, on advantageous terms, goods supplied or services provided by undertakings managed by members of the network;
– share information on common customers;
– increase the exposure / awareness of the company through joint participation (with other members of the network) in promotional events and other international trade fairs.”

Marta Casimiro, Panidor

“The greatest benefit of any network is to broaden our contacts and enhance our experience. RML puts in contact women entrepreneurs of high performance companies, in diverse sectors, but with common problems and needs.
Because top management is solitary by nature, so far, in this network, we have broken insulation, and we have left a very absorbing activity of daily life to share problems, find good examples and new solutions.
In the future, who knows? Can we influence service providers? Share businesses? Create new businesses? We have to wait and see. In the immediate horizon, this network fosters innovation. For companies like mine, that is absolutely fundamental.”

Rita Nabeiro, Adega Mayor

“RML is a meeting and learning point for women entrepreneurs from the most diverse sectors, whose main objective is the sharing of knowledge, experiences and contacts.
Through monthly visits to companies, or thematic meetings, this network, coordinated by IAPMEI, encourages collaboration and discussion of common themes ranging from management, growth, trade, innovation, people and sustainability, among others. RML thus fosters a culture where sharing and not keeping to yourself becomes “the soul of the business”, in a constructive posture of growth, both personal and professional. “

Sónia Calado, DRT Moldes

“I was invited to join the network in 2017.
The possibility of sharing experiences, difficulties, problems with other women entrepreneurs has helped me to develop skills, improve strategic thinking and, in many cases, in decision making.
The fact that we are women and of many business areas that share different experiences and have common problems helps us to broaden our range of knowledge and improve the performance of our companies.
For me, network meetings are also a space and a moment of reflection.
The connection of RML to international business facilitating networks is also an advantage that may prove to boost my companies growth in the future.”