Marta Carvalho Araújo, Neonia, ex-Castelbel

Marta Carvalho Araújo, Neonia, ex-Castelbel 416 416 Rede Mulher Líder

What I wanted and obtained with the participation in this network:
1. While entrepreneur, it was my goal to: broaden my network of contacts; learn by example; get new sources of inspiration; identify (and possibly try to replicate) good practices in use in other companies; identify common affinities / problems for top managers in companies of a similar size to mine, and discuss measures already tested / validated for solving these problems.
2. For my company, I wanted to: sell, on advantageous terms (similar to those offered to resellers), Castelbel products to network members, for use in their premises or corporate gifts (to customers / partners / suppliers / collaborators, etc.); to acquire, on advantageous terms, goods supplied or services provided by undertakings managed by members of the network; share information on common customers; increase the exposure / awareness of the company through joint participation (with other members of the network) in promotional events and other international trade fairs.