RML is a business network for women and a space of ​​trust, reflection, knowledge sharing and business improvement, in group and in bilateral contacts.
Its members are women executive board members of high performance companies, many of which are PME Líder or PME Excelência (SME Leader and SME Excellence, national awards for financial performance).

RML aims to connect to international networks of business facilitation between women.
It has the ambition to be recognized as an international good practice for empowering women in top management of Excellence .

Benefits for the women entrepreneur

  • peer learning
  • advisory board or peer advising
  • fostering alliances and business between members
  • connection to international networks

Some results

The purchase of products or services within the network results in savings or customized offer.

Combined product development has the potential to generate a new offer for the supplier.

By exchanging experiences, there has been a strong opportunity to improve processes, change suppliers and get perspective on different approaches to manage areas of potential conflict, thus streamlining resources and optimizing results.

Exchange of information on distributors or international agents allowed accelerated entry into new markets. Also,  cross promotion at international fairs is a cheap and effective way  to increase contact with the brands.

Joint offer proved to be an effective way of tapping into new markets with low risk.

But the entrepreneurs value…

…Identifying identical situations in different realities and with diverse responses. That sometimes leads to a change in their strategic framework.

…Sharing experiences. It allows them to break down isolation, step back from their management routine and think about aspects related to the business instead of reacting to daily operational demands.